Frank Aldapa

Frank, the owner of the company, founded the company in 2014. Frank has worked as an Emergency Medical Technician for 32 years in the EMS industry. While working in the EMS industry, he has worked as a driver trainer, field training officer, supervisor, and general manager. In addition, he was also part of the I.A.S.T.S.E. 767-80 on major set features. His vision for the company is to be the #1 one-stop shop for medical and rescue needs, events, and for the entertainment industries. Frank has been a certified American Heart Association and Red Cross instructor for over 10 years.

Vanessa Singh

Vanessa has been with Reliance EMS since April of 2016 and currently graduated from California State University, Fullerton with her B.A. in Communications. She currently works as a CPR instructor, handles the marketing projects, and assists the owner with administrative needs for the company.